Summary of Key Legislation with Bill Status

Clean Energy Roadmap Related Legislation 2021

Updated 3/8/2021

  • HB 9 Stansbury-Climate Solutions Act, sets up Clean Energy Council, Controls Greenhouse gas emissions. The House Energy Committee substituted and modified the Bill and sent it to House State and Indian Affairs Committee.
  • HB 15 Ortez-Sustainable Buildings Tax Credit, new incentives for efficient new buildings, enhanced efficiency for existing buildings, 2X for low-income housing. Passed House. Now in Senate Tax and Bus Committee.
  • HB 51 Chasey-Environmental Database Act, searchable database for seven environmental agencies, including oil, gas wells, State parks, utility Solar, endangered species, etc. Now in Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • HB 106 Roybal Caballero-Community Solar Act, tracks with SB 84 (Stefanic). Prescribing requirements for community solar facilities, subscriber organizations, and subscriptions; prescribing requirements for administration of a community solar program; directing the public regulation commission to adopt rules to implement a community solar program. See SB 84.
  • HB 137 Small-Beneficial Electrification Act HENNRC
    Allowing utilities and cooperatives to provide beneficial and low-income electrification; requiring public utilities, municipal utilities, and rural electric cooperatives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from electricity generation over time; prescribing deadlines and requirements; allowing the creation of clean electricity credits; establishing compliance procedures. Do pass house energy and natural resources, referred to Judiciary.
  • SB 11 Stewart-Clean Fuel Standards Act Gov Bill, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon in fuels. Do Pass from Senate Conservation Committee. Passed Senate. Now in House Energy and Nat Res Committee.
  • SB 84 Stefanics-Community Solar Tracks with HB 106 Passed Senate, Now in House Energy and Nat Resources Comm.
  • SB 86 Sedillo Lopez, bans freshwater for Fracking, produced water for non-fracking uses, regulates produced water Passed Senate Conservation Committee. Stalled in Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • SB 93 Padilla- Omnibus Broadband Bill, sets up in DOIT, 5 staff, $950K appropriation, calls for comprehensive plan for BB. Passed Senate. Now in House State, Elect, Ind. Aff Comm.
  • SB 112 Stewart, creates Sustainability Econ Task Force, Cab Sec plus public members. Passed Senate, Now in House Energy Comm.
  • SB 121 Gonzales-Transportation improvement bonds $234M.Passed Senate, Now in House Public Works Comm.
  • SB 143 Campos, authorizes Public-Private Partnerships Administered by NMFA, allows for creation of PPP Authorities. No Committee action yet.
  • SB 149 Sedillo Lopez, fracking ban. Do pass in Senate Conservation. Stalled in Senate Judiciary.
  • SB 155 Tallman, ETA changes to reinstate PRC in certain rate cases. KILLED in Committee.
  • SB 301 Sedillo Lopez, tax credit for energy storage (batteries) Tracks with HB 262 Sarinana. No Committee action.