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North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (NAIMI)

Supporting American Manufacturing Jobs

The North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (NAIMI) is working to make manufacturing in the United States globally competitive. Reversing the decline in U.S. manufacturing jobs is a real challenge that requires a new approach. NAIMI achieves growth of manufacturing jobs by using the U.S. world leadership in innovation, entrepreneurship, and R&D, couples that with advanced ICT (Information and Communication Technology) capabilities, and integrates the economic, workforce, and technology aspects that affect manufacturing. The bottom line is that NAIMI can achieve our goal by working with you to make manufactured goods better, cheaper, faster, and cleaner.

In November 2023, NAIMI was awarded a three-year, $300K grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration from the Venture Challenge Ignite program to “advance a strong cybersecurity/IT workforce in the electric grid and advanced manufacturing sectors.”

NAIMI recently developed a Clean Energy Economy Roadmap (linked above) to grow our clean energy workforce. NAIMI will leverage the Roadmap in this three-year project.

The need for an increased cybersecurity workforce is clear, as demonstrated by the FBI Infragard program and the NM Cybersecurity Act. The transition to a smart grid requires improved IT monitoring/control capabilities. The same applies to advanced manufacturing. Progress is constrained by the lack of a qualified workforce.

The project will develop a diverse workforce needed in the cybersecurity/IT sectors, which is needed to attract and grow business and advanced manufacturing.

The service area of northern NM is well matched with our project goals focused on workforce development. Our partners have resources that NAIMI can access through our strong connections. NAIMI will lead efforts with the partner colleges to align their programs with projected business needs. NAIMI is working on Grid Modernization and those workforce needs. NAIMI will work with Santa Fe to grow a cybersecurity/IT workforce to diversify its economy. The project will be a model that can be rolled out across NM through the 12 Regional Advisory Groups that informed the development of the Roadmap.

We anticipate developing a qualified and diverse workforce with a wide range of skills to meet the projected increase in cybersecurity/IT jobs of 3%/yr with sustained long-term growth to diversify Santa Fe’s economy.

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