The Clean Energy Economy Roadmap

The purpose of the Clean Energy Economy Roadmap is to identify the needs, issues, and opportunities that affect the growth of a Clean Energy Economy in New Mexico and develop a set of actions and recommendations for the next five years that will kick start a Clean Energy Economy in NM.

The transition to clean energy in New Mexico is driven in part by passage of the Energy Transition Act in 2019 that mandates 100% of retail sales of electricity in New Mexico shall come from zero carbon sources.

The Roadmap is being developed as part of the NMSU – NAIMI ICREW program that is funded by the US Economic Development Administration. The Roadmap will provide a set of recommendations and action items that will serve as the initial basis for future economic development, job creation, workforce development, and advanced manufacturing preparedness.

North American Intelligent Manufacturing Initiative (NAIMI)

Supporting American Manufacturing Jobs

The I-CREW Clean Energy Economy Roadmap will be completed by June 30, 2022 and will serve as the basis for the next five years for energy-related economic and workforce development, and job creation.

The Roadmap has three parts:

The first part includes a needs and issues assessment and asset mapping of current economic, technical, workforce, and regulatory issues that impact a Clean Energy Economy

The second part will establish twelve advisory groups covering all of New Mexico that will provide input, advice, and feedback from their regions on establishing a Clean Energy Economy.

The third part will compile outcomes and feedback from the advisory groups and statewide Town Hall meeting to develop the set of specific, prioritized recommendations and action items that need to be implemented to develop a Clean Energy Economy in New Mexico.

NAIMI has initially identified four major focus areas to consider:

Clean Energy

  • Clean Energy Providers

  • Transmission and Distribution

  • Energy Storage

  • Smart Grid

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Economics & Infrastructure

Information Technology

  • Modeling of Immediate and Future Grid Performance

  • Cybersecurity

Emerging Technologies

  • Clean Energy R&D

  • Technology Commercialization

  • Growing Emerging Tech Companies

  • Reshoring of Manufacturing/Supply Chain


  • Education Institutions

  • National Labs, universities, private companies

  • Workforce training